Why I Started Homeschooling

 Photo by  Michael Liao  on  Unsplash

Photo by Michael Liao on Unsplash

Many moons ago, before my daughter was school aged, and so, before we knew of all my daughter’s disabilities, I got in a fight with a woman who practically accused me of child abuse for looking forward to my daughter starting Kindergarten at a public school.

I would NEVER put my kids in public school,” she said, and I still hear her scathing tone in my ears a decade later, the way she made me feel so inferior for wanting to do something that to me seemed totally normal.

This was coming from a woman who paid $17.99 for a small pack of organic, bleach free disposable diapers, did all of her cleaning exclusively with vinegar, and kept her kid mostly naked most of the time because “you never know what clothing is really made of.”

You know, that 100% organic cotton clothing...

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