Sunday Grace No.9


1. A last minute invite from my awesome writing buddy Joanna to go to a "Winemaze" at a local orchard / winery. We had a blast getting lost in the very large maze, finding each tasting station among the corn. We got buzzed, then sat and chatted by a fire while the moon rose and the stars came out. It was a perfect friend date. Then I realized I locked my keys in my car. 


2. Joanna, she's pretty great. She's the first new friend I've had in a while that has stuck, and I appreciate her very much. 

3. Earlier in the week I took my first trip up to visit the Jones family at their new place in Massachusetts, and Gina and I took a nice drive through a very old cemetery near her house. Always a favorite pastime. 

4. I got a lot of great feedback for an article I wrote on Medium, which was also the first time I was published in a new publication that I submitted to. I'm stoked about writing on Medium!

5. This Harriet Tubman quote, which was at the very end of a book I finished this week - The Future of Humanity, by Michio Kaku.