Sunday Grace No.2


1. It's beach time. We went to Waterford Beach tonight for the first time this season and I asked myself why the hell we waited so long to do it. 

2. I finally finished the first Game of Thrones book after trying to get through it a bunch of times and failing, and now I need a bit of a break before I start in on the next one, but yay!

3. This week I went with my mom and sister to see Grease the musical at the Ivoryton Playhouse, which I haven't been to before, and it was super fun as well as a very quaint place filled with elephants. 

4. The last few days have been perfect, weather wise, which isn't something I can say most days out of the year. 70-80s with low humidity is my jam.

5. I have been enjoying my six hours of writing and reading while Elise is at camp on Mondays and Tuesdays, as it's just too far to drive home and back every day, I camp out in a coffee shop and then the library while she's at the Block. I wish I could say I've been more productive, but at least I am where I need to be to keep on trying.