Sunday Grace No.3

Pablo Neruda Quote

1. My writing group - I sit here with them now at Panera in Groton, my two faithful writing friends who I meet with every Sunday that I can and we sit here mostly quietly with each other and write. Without them, I would get a lot less work done and feel nowhere near as confident in my ability to finish everything.

2. I've written 2000 words on this current work in progress for three days in a row. That's something.

3. I've passed a 55 day streak in writing on and that is also something. 

4. Cheryl Strayed, a great writer, who I just learned from reading Wild took the name Strayed after she got divorced, she just chose it herself because it sounded more like her than the names she was given in life, and I really respect and admire that. 

5. I've decided to keep homeschooling Elise despite my trepidations, my fears of her going to public school and getting emotionally abused every day trump my fears of what will happen to our relationship if we keep going on like this, so we'll see what happens when the school year starts next month. This is a good thing. I know it's the right thing to do.