Sunday Grace No.6


1. I saw KESHA and Macklemore with my sister and her BFF at the beautiful Jones Beach Amphitheater this week, the first real concert I've been to in ages and it was AWESOME. 

2. Special shoutout to the moon making an incredible appearance behind the stage and shining over the water after the clouds parted before the night came to an end.

3. Stayed in my first Air B&B and didn't get killed - I am not sure that I am a convert, because there is something special about staying at a hotel and leaving the room as dirty as I want to and not feeling bad because it's someone's job to pick up my wet towels and make the bed.

4. Against all better judgement, I bought and consumed almost $30 worth of Italian pastries from the best shop in Connecticut - Angela Mia's in Norwalk, the bakery of my father's childhood.

5. Spent a night dog sitting for Charlene and Elise and I got some much needed alone time in someone else's house - I look forward to doing this at least once a month for her while she goes to visit Chris and Gina.