Sunday Grace No.8


1. Elise started homeschooling again this week! The first four days went by very well, no big upsets or meltdowns, which is already an improvement over last year's first week. 

2. I can tell that Elise has matured a lot over the summer, I don't know how it goes by without me noticing it, but suddenly she just IS more mature than she was in the spring - more willing to listen the first time and get her work done without a fight.

3. I've been reading an excellent book by physicist Michio Kaku called The Future of Humanity, and it is really getting me excited about writing (and reading) more sci-fi.

4. I ordered business cards for This is Fine Design!! Finally. FINALLY.

5. I've committed in spirit if not in actuality by doing something that this is the work I need to focus on right now. It's hard coming to this decision, and I don't know how I feel about it yet, but reaching a decision at all is a good thing.